Viral AI Google Calendar Extension Is Just Like Having a ‘Personal Assistant,’ and Social Media Is Losing It

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If you think life would be easier with a personal assistant, one TikToker may have cracked the code on how to get a virtual one for practically free.

TikToker Izzy Mignone is going viral for a clip where she shows an AI extension for Google Calendar called Reclaim AI that helps schedule (and reschedule) your calendar based on events you input and its time restrictions, whether recurring weekly appointments or one-time events (like a party). The best organization hack ever- let ai do all the work for you. Now all i need is a calendar app with a notion-style notes feature so I can have everything in one #productivity #organizationhacks #organizationtiktok #calendarorganization #googlecalendar #googlecalendartips ♬ original sound – izzy mignone

“I think it is like the organization hack that my ADHD neurodivergent brain has been dreaming of,” Mignone told viewers. “I can use natural language, and it’ll pull out the data from whatever I type in. It’s like having your own personal assistant.”

Once the tool collects the data, it will set off blocks of time and create a mock schedule for you that’s directly integrated into your Google calendar.

The clip, which has been viewed over 339,600 times, stunned viewers who were in disbelief that such a plugin existed.

“Thank you!!! I needed something like this,” one user exclaimed. “And I didn’t even know!!!!!!”

Google’s official TikTok account even commented on Mignone’s post.

“Such a smart idea,” the company wrote.

Mignone clarified in the comment section that the version she uses has a fee.

According to Reclaim AI’s website, the app ranges from a free version that can plan out three weeks at a time for one user to an $18 version that can have 100-plus users and plan out 12 weeks at a time.

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