‘The Best Thing I’ve Ever Seen’: A Woman Is Going Viral for Pranking Cracker Barrel By Adding a Photo of Herself to the Decor

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Cracker Barrel’s interior design style looks more like someone’s living room than it does a chain eatery.

That’s why one group of diners in Georgia decided to add their own flair to the decor by placing a photo of themselves on the restaurant’s mantel in the middle of their meal.

In a clip that’s been viewed over 22.4 million times, a TikToker named Darcy Gashweiller films her friend Ashley Zessin Shelley getting up from the table to place a framed photo on the mantle without anyone noticing.

@gash.79 #shitshow #bestfriends #sisters ♬ original sound – notltbrooks03

In a follow-up clip, the women revisit the same restaurant to see if any of the employees noticed the photo and removed it.

Spoiler alert: The photo was still standing.

@gash.79 Part 2 – Hey @Cracker Barrel can @MrsChop18 and I get the employee discount????? #thisis40 #bestfriend #stillthere #crackerbarrel #donttakeitdown ♬ Cheerful Whistle

Viewers flooded the comment section in hysterics, tipping their hats to the women for an “iconic” prank well done.

“This is the kind of prank I can get behind,” one woman wrote. “So cute and wholesome and nobody’s getting hurt.”

“This is the best thing I’ve ever seen,” another said next to a crying laughing emoji.

Cracker Barrel’s website maintains that each restaurant has an estimated 1,000 pieces of unique decor, with an estimated 90,000 pieces in the Cracker Barrel warehouse.

The restaurant chain is coming off of a profitable fiscal Q3 2023 with total revenue of $832.7 million, up 5.4% from the same time last year.

There are currently 660 operating Cracker Barrels in the U.S.

Cracker Barrel did not immediately respond to Entrepreneur’s request for comment.

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