Stop being needy! Start delivering value like UPS

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When Ventura County, California, agent Ernesto Vargas is out door knocking, he’s always looking for ways to add value to his pitch.

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When I’m out in the neighborhoods where I door knock, I see plenty of people who are out there delivering value. From the postal worker to the Amazon truck to the FedEx or UPS delivery person, they’re delivering packages and providing services.

Have you ever been waiting with anticipation for an Amazon package, a birthday gift or a florist delivery? I know you were running to the door to sign for that delivery when it arrived, and you thanked Heaven for the person who made that delivery.

Why real estate agents don’t like door knocking

A lot of real estate agents are reluctant to go out and door knock. I’m not talking here about those who have safety concerns or who simply aren’t wired for it. I’m talking, instead, about those who don’t door knock because they think of it as solicitation, salesy-ness or “bothering” people. 

Many real estate agents act like the homeowner is doing them a favor when they answer the door. That sad, needy energy bleeds into the conversation and takes all of the energy out of your presentation. People can read your reluctance in your voice and on your face — and it’s a turn-off.

Change your energy, change your results

I want to challenge this low-energy thought process and change the status quo. When you are prospecting, whether through door knocking, cold calling or other forms of outreach, delivering value will make the difference between feeling awkward and bothersome — and generating leads.

I have a reliable “Honda guy.” When I need to know something about my car or I’m thinking of upgrading, he’s there. If someone comes in and they’re looking for a used car that’s my make and model, he reaches out to me to see if I’d be interested in trading in.

Like the helpful Honda guy — who’s promoting a car but is also helping his long-term customers — we need to share a story. We don’t need to knock on someone’s door with an ask; we need to knock on their door with an add.

So what can we deliver to homeowners to bring them value versus just showing up empty-handed to talk about real estate while their dinner’s getting cold on the table?

Courtesy of DOORA Properties

  • A market report for recent sales in their neighborhood (Above is a handout my brokerage’s graphic designer designed, printed on our in-house printing press and using stats provided by our Altos Research subscription.)
  • Up-to-the-minute information about their home’s value from RealScout
  • A conversation about one of our buyers who’s looking to move to the neighborhood
  • A heads-up about a brand new listing that just went up two streets over
  • The time and date of a “neighbor exclusive” open house we’re holding over the weekend
  • Information about a seller seminar or community event you’re sponsoring

When you arrive with something like this, you’ll spark conversation and, most of all, you’ll come from a place of giving instead of getting. It’s a more powerful, high-energy place that allows you to meet the homeowner as the grateful recipient of your generosity.

We are (or we should be) delivering value just like other service providers deliver a package. Stop thinking of your potential clients as doing you a favor by engaging. Make your presence so valuable that they’re left wondering, “Who’s doing who the favor? Who saved who?”

Ernesto Vargas is an agent with DOORA Properties, serving Ventura County, California. Connect with him on Instagram.

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