Real Estate Advisor, Catherine Kaufer, Is Working With Purpose And Changing Lives Along The Way

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Life is not easy. And Catherine Kaufer has experienced this first-hand. Working in the grueling real estate industry and recovering from the devastating loss of her husband, Kaufer has chosen ministry over misery and is serving others in her own special way.

Hard-working. Determined. People-loving. God-serving. And called to make a difference.

After talking to real estate advisor, life coach, and philanthropist, Catherine Kaufer, these are the words that can be used to describe her. Her passion for the work she does and her zeal to change the lives of those around her is infectious. And in the cut-throat world of real estate, Kaufer’s values, integrity, and experience are a breath of fresh air.

Kaufer first got involved in real estate with her husband. They would fix buildings to sell, and from that, the bug bit. “I loved it,” says Kaufer. “And after my grandfather died, my family wanted me to help with our property management company, where we owned several commercial buildings. They wanted me to get my broker’s license so I could help keep the company going. I did that, but the opportunity never arose with my family. So I pushed on because I loved it and decided to become a residential broker.”

Real estate is clearly Kaufer’s passion, and her working style sets her apart from others in her industry. Climbing the ladder on her own, the powerful woman has built a strong business with clients who love working with her and referring her to their peers. 

So what sets her apart? Not many realtors have the knowledge of construction that Kaufer has. Having worked on the rehabilitation of houses, Kaufer can assess a property and advise sellers of any issues that should be worked on before selling to make their offering more attractive to a potential buyer. I go through a seller’s house, and if I see something that may be a problem, I can at least let them know. It can be looked at before the house is put on the market. Because when we’re under contract and home inspections get done, if a potential buyer spots this then there goes our negotiating power. You never want to surprise sellers about what’s going on with their property. I have them totally prepared for what the buyer may see,” she explains. 

She also has the buyer’s interests at heart, even if she is the realtor doing the selling. “I know how responsible I am to make sure that everything is disclosed. We want to know everything we can about the property so there are no surprises for either party. I want the buyer to be informed about the property.” 

In the real estate industry, many realtors are fighting for the sale and the commission, and will rather not disclose concerns to an interested party. This concerns Kaufer and is not how she chooses to operate. “I’m not willing to do that,” she says. “The client needs to know what they are getting and that means more to me than my commission.”

Kaufer is driven by building authentic relationships guided by a solid foundation of trust with her clients. She loves to get to know her clients well, and will often spot a house that she knows will be perfect for them because of her knowledge of them and is usually right! 

“I value the friendship and relationship with my client more than the money,” says Kaufer. “I always have. I’m very relational. And that’s how I grade my success – what kind of relationships I have, and not just with my clients but those on my team too.”

Investing in relationships extends further than real estate for Kaufer. In fact, she has proven to be such a confidante to her clients and those around her that she got a life coaching certification so she could serve them better. Her work is more than just buying and selling houses – it is about connection and service, and letting people feel loved.

After the tragic loss of her husband of 29 years, Kaufer was forced to slow down and introspect and allow herself the time to grieve. She allowed herself the time to mourn but was determined not to stay there. “I know a lot of people like to just push grief down, let it go, and think it will go away but you have to do the work and go through all the steps or you will never get over the loss,” she says. Her faith, and the support of those around her, helped her to grieve and to get over the stages of grief quickly.

Out of her grief, Mini and Me Ministries was born, which aims to help others experiencing trauma, loss and grief find peace in the challenges of life. Together with Zebedee, her miniature horse, and Theo, a miniature Australian Shepherd dog, Kaufer has created a special home for people to deal with loss in a beautiful and comforting way. Both her pets are specially trained and registered therapy animals, and have an innate ability to comfort those who are hurting. Together they bring smiles and hope to the broken-hearted.

“It was so easy to train them. They just seem to have this sixth sense,” says Kaufer. “Because not all dogs and horses are therapy quality, It’s in their demeanor. It’s what they do.” 

Kaufer adds that “there are so many people who can’t move on, or don’t want to move on. Because they think they’re not honoring the person who passed on – and I’m like no, they would want you to live your life and finish the race God has set before you. Yes, there is a time to grieve. But then it’s time to move on.”

Catherine Kaufer is a revered real estate broker, advisor, and instrument of healing, whose passion for her work stretches far beyond finding you your dream home. If you’re looking for someone who is truly aligned with your vision, visit Catherine Kaufer’s website and book a discovery call with her today. 

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