Polygon proposes architecture for ‘Polygon 2.0,’ including aggregator bridge

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Polygon proposes architecture for ‘Polygon 2.0,' including aggregator bridge

Polygon Labs, creator of the Polygon network, has proposed an architecture for its forthcoming “Polygon 2.0” project. The team suggested in a June 29 blog post that the new project should be made up of four different “layers” that will combine to create a web of networks ultimately connected to each other through . If approved by validators, Polygon 2.0 will also feature an aggregator that makes bridge transactions “near-instant and atomic,” the team said.

The team first announced Polygon 2.0 on June 12, claiming that the new project would establish “the value layer” of the internet. But details were scarce at that time. On June 20, co-founder Mihailo Bjelic proposed upgrading the current Polygon network to use zero-knowledge proofs, which he said was necessary in order to make the old network compatible with the “vision” of 2.0.

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