KW, ChatGPT and fake real estate: It’s Inman’s Top 5

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1. 40 game-changing ChatGPT prompts every agent should use

ChatGPT has opened a window of opportunity that typically only comes a few times during a career. Take advantage of this amazing tool and your business can’t help but grow. Read more.

2. Keller Williams rolls out updates to Command tech platform

Gary Keller

The new features will allow agents to automate more of their work and better manage their deals, according to an announcement Tuesday. The goal is to help agents amid a challenging market. Read more.

3. Here are 5 reasons we won’t see a housing market crash this year

According to Splitero CEO Michael Gifford, we’re still in an affordability crisis and unlikely to see a complete housing market tumble in 2023. Read more.

4. Your best year ever! 3 areas of focus and 21 strategies that pay

Great agents do daily what good agents do occasionally. Let Jimmy Burgess walk you through 21 best marketing practices to grow your business.

5. Meade High School, Kelly Moss and the rise of fake real estate listings

Two fake Zillow listings went viral at the end of May — one was a high school senior prank and the other resulted in buyers losing thousands. Here’s how to save clients from online scammers. Read more.

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