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Humaniz is hiring software for the real estate industry, addressing a critical business need that has very little standardization and impressive fragmentation.

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Humaniz is a hiring management solution for real estate brokerages and teams

Platforms: Browser

Ideal for: Brokerages and teams

Top selling points:

  • Recognizes challenges of hiring
  • Recruiting ad management
  • Task reduction
  • Hiring-based communications tracking
  • Team-based functionality

Top concern:

To use a term from the industry, Humaniz has “good bones.” It mainly digitizes hiring functions instead of automating them, but it’s a solid start that will evolve quickly given its founding team. In short, early clients will be rewarded later.

What you should know:

Humaniz is hiring software for the real estate industry, addressing a critical business need that has very little standardization and impressive fragmentation. Humaniz helps brokers, hiring managers and team leaders create best practices for their recruiting and processes through its online advertising tools, meeting scheduling, reduction of administrative tasks and smart, text-based communications, which prove to be more effective response generators. The company believes in a more consultative model in hiring than a factory-like, clinical onboarding process. It tracks candidate interactions and stages, links attachments and demonstrates a system-wide UI/UX that never distracts from the task at hand.

Humaniz was formed after a fast-growing team lost its recruiter and those in charge realized the challenges that person was consistently tackling to ensure the team was finding people that keep pace. Manual processes, too, never help a company that’s scaling in a hurry. And while software was getting put in place to buoy the workflow, there’s a ton to do. Creating and running recruitment ads, managing their effectiveness, screening candidates, keeping candidates engaged, updating everyone, calendar management and all the in-betweens and ups and downs that go along with hiring requires a dedicated effort, something far too few companies in real estate either realize or care to address. This is why I wanted to have a look at Humaniz.

Overall, I consider this software a great start, especially for any independent brokerage or growing team that wants to be better. This is how you do it — you invest in infrastructure, the business needs of a business. Peel back the layers of success of any top-producing brokerage or team and you’ll find at its heart a system, figuratively and literally.

What creates business continuity and the ability to sustain pitfall-ridden markets like 2023 is a solid core, not a CRM or purchased leads. Does your business have good bones? Tools like Humaniz can help answer that question for you.

I guess I’m not overly wrapped up in the actual functions and features of this product. It’s good and makes some smart choices with communication management between users and candidates, advertising deployment, applicant qualification and text-based outreach, but that’s not why I like it. I’m excited to see a well-designed, purposefully considered piece of proptech that anchors a business leader to a process.

I’m reminded of Trackxi founder Vijay Gopalswamy, who told Inman Intel that agents aren’t as busy as they like to think they are, and that more business would come if more people simply worked more productively.

“I would get five-star reviews, by being transparent, following up, doing the right things,” Gopalswamy said about his time as an agent. “Half of agents are focused on marketing, Facebook and all that. If they focused on doing a better job, they’d get more business.”

Streamlining your hiring is a big part of that.

Humaniz helps route candidates from the ad that pulled them into a process that verifies licensure and state and helps arranges an interview through self-scheduling, alleviating the need for a team admin or office manager to do it. Candidate timelines are presented alongside their name and contact information for easy oversight of how long they’ve been in the process, a good tool to invoke action on the part of the hiring manager. Don’t let good people hang around; you’ll lose them.

Meetings show up on the appropriate user’s calendar, which also feeds into a metric for the total number of interviews scheduled, held and resulting in a hire.

It should be noted that the advertising component of Humaniz helps users determine what content will work best to maximize ad spends across a number of big job boards, including Indeed, LinkedIn and ZipRecruiter, among others. Active maintenance of ads is essentially a component of marketing, but is often neglected in hiring because most people associate a job ad with the job itself: The role doesn’t change so why update the ad for it? Well, for a bunch of reasons, namely to ensure that candidates know there are actually people who care on the other end. It also helps ads recirculate on their respective websites and, like all things on the Internet, the more recent, the more relevant.

Humaniz has a lot of room to grow. I’d like to see it partner with some performance-based networking solutions, like Echovate or Courted, to apply recent market activity against candidate quality. Tom Ferry’s investment arm dropped some money into these guys, so I’m certain he has ways to help.

Video updates from teams and hiring folks could help as well as content that presents itself to candidates as they enter the system. Introductions, brokerage tours, etc. could be sharp ways to get folks engaged. Office landing pages linked to ads could be cool, too, and that’s easy stuff.

Still, I’m more enamored with Humaniz’s founders’ recognition of why their idea is important than its execution as of now. It’ll work, and they’ll only continue to get better at it.

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Craig C. Rowe started in commercial real estate at the dawn of the dot-com boom, helping an array of commercial real estate companies fortify their online presence and analyze internal software decisions. He now helps agents with technology decisions and marketing through reviewing software and tech for Inman.

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