How we’re using QR codes for high-impact real estate marketing

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Stop sending the same-old, same-old marketing collateral, writes DOORA Creative Director Janet Pozos. Use QR codes to make everything you provide more meaningful.

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Many real estate agents hesitate to send out direct mail or deliver flyers door-to-door. They assume, whether correctly or incorrectly, that this will be considered “junk mail” and will never make it past the home’s outdoor recycling bin.

Of course, many mailers are junk, filled with empty promises and slogans that sound just like every other agent out there. QR codes, however, can differentiate your mailers or handouts, making them truly impactful and value-added.

How we’re helping our agents use QR codes

One of the frustrations that many brokers feel is that the tech stack they provide to their agents goes unused. At DOORA, we’ve found that tying tech to marketing helps agents to see the direct impact technology can have on their businesses.

At our brokerage, we use QR codes to help our agents (and their leads) embrace the technology that we provide. By linking the QR codes on postcards to local market data from our Homebot, RealScout and Altos subscriptions, agents can really show what’s going on with the local market by making market data readily available.

In the case of RealScout’s Home Value Alert, for example, people are looking for a better understanding of their home’s value during these times of economic uncertainty. This creates a unique opportunity for our agents to provide data and context on the changing value of their homes.

Most importantly, that one-time QR scan can get them into a funnel or engagement loop, keeping our agents top of mind every month when the lead checks out their home’s dashboard.

This makes QR codes great for both sphere of influence marketing and geofarming. Really diving into the home’s value upfront is far more compelling as a value-add than offering a home valuation as a CTA (Call to Action). It also helps agents differentiate themselves as market experts and top-notch communicators, helping to enhance their UVP (unique value proposition).

Here are even more options for your QR codes:

  • Add QR codes to property signs, open house flyers and coming soon cards so that potential buyers and neighborhood residents can access virtual property tours and detailed property information.
  • Use QR codes on marketing materials to direct prospects to a landing page where they can access a value-added downloadable in exchange for their contact information. This could be a buyer guide, seller guide, moving guide, newcomer’s guide, or local market report.
  • Embed a QR code to link to a video presentation for a property or to your video commentary on the latest market statistics.
  • Use a QR code to direct potential clients to connect with your business on social media platforms, your blog, podcast or video channel.
  • Add a QR code to emails, business cards, mailers or flyers so that prospects can instantly add your contact information to their phone.
  • Use a QR code on Coming Soon signage, mailers or handouts to direct potential attendees to an upcoming open house.
  • Link a QR code to reviews and testimonials to establish credibility and trust with potential clients.
  • Let your QR code direct users to a page on your website with information on local neighborhoods, schools, amenities, transportation and attractions.
  • QR codes can link to helpful resources for buyers and sellers, including mortgage calculators, cleaning services, home stagers, contractors and other service providers.

You only have a moment to catch the attention of your potential buyer or seller as they walk past the recycle bin on their way back from the mailbox. Instead of loading down your mailer or handout with a crowded jumble of information, hit them with your UVP, CTA and a QR code where they can learn much, much more.

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