7 seize-the-summer real estate marketing strategies

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Summer is in full swing, and the real estate market is heating up along with the weather. It’s time to update your marketing for the season, Rainy Hake Austin writes.

Summer is in full swing, and the real estate market is heating up along with the weather. As real estate professionals, the season presents a great opportunity to explore innovative marketing ideas that capture the attention of potential buyers and sellers. Here are seven ideas to make the most of your hot agent summer.

1. Take your open house outdoors

Take advantage of the sunny weather by shifting your open house focus from indoors to outdoor spaces. Showcase properties’ unique features, such as inviting gardens, spacious patios or rooftop terraces.

Create a welcoming ambiance with summer-themed decor and refreshments. You’ll not only provide a memorable experience for attendees, but you’ll also help them to envision the property during the summer months.

2. Drone photography and virtual tours

Incorporate cutting-edge technology into your marketing arsenal by utilizing drones for aerial photography and virtual tours. Think fun-filled sizzle reel. Highlight the property’s proximity to summer attractions like beaches, lakes or parks.

By showcasing stunning aerial views and immersive virtual experiences, you can give potential buyers a realistic sense of what it’s like to live in the area during the summer season.

3. Summer-focused social media campaigns

Engage your target audience through vibrant and engaging social media campaigns centered around summer themes. Create content that emphasizes the unique lifestyle and experiences that come with living in a particular area during this season.

Leverage platforms like Instagram and Facebook to showcase nearby outdoor activities, summer events and local amenities. Consider partnering with local businesses to offer exclusive discounts or giveaways, generating excitement and driving traffic to your listings.

4. Collaborate with influencers

Team up with local influencers, bloggers or content creators who have a significant online presence. Collaborations can include hosting a summer-themed event, partnering on social media campaigns, or featuring them in your real estate content.

This approach helps expand your reach, taps into new audiences, and lends credibility to your brand. Influencers can provide authentic insights about the local lifestyle, attractions and events that make the area desirable during the summer months.

5. Beach or poolside pop-up offices

Break away from the traditional office setting by setting up a pop-up office at a beach or poolside location. Offer potential buyers the opportunity to meet with you in a relaxed environment, where they can discuss their real estate needs while enjoying the summer sun.

This unique approach fosters a casual atmosphere and builds stronger connections with clients, while also showcasing your adaptability and willingness to go the extra mile.

6. Community partnerships and sponsorships

Get involved with summer community events and sponsor local activities that align with your target market. Consider supporting outdoor concerts, sports tournaments, or charity fundraisers. Show your commitment to the community while also enhancing your brand visibility and positioning you as a go-to expert in the local real estate market.

7. Stage your property summer-style

Update your property staging to reflect the vibrant and lively atmosphere of summer. Incorporate bright colors, lightweight fabrics, and natural elements like flowers or plants to create a breezy and inviting atmosphere.

Use strategically placed summer-themed props, such as beach towels, picnic baskets or outdoor games, to help potential buyers envision the possibilities of living in the space during the summer months. Set the stage for indoor-outdoor living with a porch dining area or poolside lounge chairs.

With each intentional summer-focused marketing initiative you take on, keep track of what works and what doesn’t, so you can best plan for next year. Let your marketing ideas shine and make sure to have some fun.

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