5 ways AI can revolutionize your real estate marketing

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Embrace the future, writes Salt Lake City broker Belladonna Riso, and get ready to position yourself as a forward-thinking, tech-savvy expert in the industry with the power of AI.

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In the dynamic world of real estate, staying ahead of the curve is crucial. As real estate agents, we strive to understand our clients, create captivating marketing material, produce engaging content and deliver value-packed videos, all on a consistent basis.

Just thinking about all these tasks can give us anxiety! After all, we are real estate agents, not professional copywriters, marketers and videographers. But there is a game-changing solution that’s available to every agent: Artificial Intelligence (AI). In this article, let’s dive deeper into five exciting ways AI can revolutionize your real estate business. 

1. Get personal with your ideal clients 

Understanding your ideal clients is like finding the key to their hearts. AI is here to unlock that door, allowing you to take them on a personalized journey. It goes beyond mere demographics, delving into behavioral patterns, preferences, pain points, fears and motivations.

Whether your ideal client is a luxury home seller, empty-nester or a first-time buyer, AI is like having a real estate fairy godmother who knows your client’s wishes before they do. With eerily accurate insights and content, you can effortlessly amaze them and build stronger connections. 

2. Laser-targeted marketing 

Wave goodbye to generic, mass-produced content that looks and sounds like every other agent on social media. AI empowers you to create marketing materials that speak directly to your ideal clients.

No more Sunday afternoon coffee-fueled struggles to figure out what to post for the week ahead. With AI, you can craft laser-targeted social media posts, captivating blogs and emails that hit the sweet spot every time.

3. Content creation at the speed of light 

Time is our most precious commodity, and as agents we never seem to have enough of it. The amount of content that the average agent is now expected to produce can feel daunting. But fear not, because with AI, content creation becomes a breeze.

With the click of a button, AI unleashes a content creation storm, generating mountains of top-notch content in seconds. Say hello to engaging social media posts, informative blog articles, irresistible email sequences and captivating listing descriptions. Let AI be your personal content wizard while you go take a walk on a Sunday afternoon instead of being chained to your desk. 

4. Video revolutionized: Lights, camera, AI

Video is probably the single most important weapon in an agent’s arsenal, yet it’s also the task that sparks the most fear. Here comes AI to the rescue. You can create avatars that sound just like you, sparing you from the agony of recording the same script a hundred times.

But that’s not all! AI transforms a single, long-form, horizontal video into a treasure trove of short-form vertical videos in a snap. Complete with catchy headlines, engaging summaries, and bold, multi-colored captions, these shorts provide loads of quality content for your social media platforms, all without breaking the bank with expensive video editors or spending endless hours doing it yourself. 

5. Wow your clients with perfect listing promotions

Tired of sweating over the perfect listing remarks or spending hours on marketing materials? AI has your back. Imagine having a world-class copywriter at your disposal, effortlessly crafting compelling listing remarks, announcements, emails, social media posts and videos in seconds.

With AI, you can showcase your listings in their best light, impressing both sellers and potential buyers. Leverage the power of AI in your listing appointments to demonstrate your unique selling proposition and stand out from the competition.

In the competitive world of real estate, embracing AI is not just a trend but a wise, strategic move. In the past, marketing at scale was reserved for large teams or brokerages with deep pockets. However, with the power of AI, regular agents now have the same marketing capacity as a million-dollar agency.

Imagine the playing field leveling as you personalize marketing materials, generate content at warp speed, and churn out engaging videos with the help of your new AI assistant. Embrace the future, and get ready to position yourself as a forward-thinking, tech-savvy expert in the industry.

Get ready to ride the wave and use AI to revolutionize your real estate business. 

Belladonna Riso is a broker and founder of The NEXUS Group, eXp Realty in Salt Lake City. Connect with her on LinkedIn

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